The Coastline Project

COASTLINE is a four-year EU-funded project aimed at integrating and developing new and existing Remote and Ground-based Sensing methods specifically for safeguarding Coastal Cultural Heritage in European scenarios

COASTLINE is a highly interdisciplinary research endeavor primarily focused on creating an innovative platform through the development and utilization of advanced technologies, methodologies, and models, along with their integration. It will also facilitate consistent knowledge transfer and training in these techniques for researchers and professionals at European and International levels.




Training events


Consortium Partners

COASTLINE - Contact information

Project Coordinator:

Dr. Papakonstantinou, Assistant Professor, “Cartography & Geoinformatics" Department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics | School of Engineering and Technology Cyprus University of Technology.


Saripolou 2-8, 3036 Achilleos 1 Building, 3rd Floor, Lemesos, Cyprus, P.O Box. 50329, 3603


+357 25002184

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